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Pearson Financial Planning helps women that are going through life transition by educating and supporting them in identifying, defining and achieving their financial goals.

Learn How Pearson Financial Can Help

Pearson Financial Planning

As a financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), our mission is to provide financial education and investment management to women so they can have the knowledge to make insightful decisions about their financial future. One of our goals is to provide options so our clients feel confident and empowered to make smart financial decisions.

We specialize in working with widowed, divorced and retirement-focused women providing financial planning, investment management, and educational resources. A worthwhile financial plan takes collaboration between a client and their trusted advisor. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients and help them on their journey to financial freedom.

A woman meeting with a female financial planner, sitting at a desk with notebooks out.

How to prepare for a meeting with a Financial Planner:

Step #1: Schedule a 15 minute exploratory call

Step #2: Complete a short questionnaire and provide financial documents

Step #3: Schedule a “get acquainted” Zoom call (Complementary - 1 hour)

Step #4: If it’s the right fit, we sign at the dotted line!

Step #5: Together, we begin to identify your financial goals and prepare your plan.

Are you ready to start building your financial freedom?

I'm Ready!

Two women sitting at a table, discussing financial planning, with a notebook and laptop.

Maria's Financial Planning Case Study:

Maria came to Pearson Financial a few years ago when her husband suffered a health issue that inhibited him from making any financial decisions. Prior to this health issue, he had been managing all their investments and working full time with a six figure income.

She was lost on where to even start and didn’t know what questions to ask… she had paid the monthly bills and raised the kids but didn’t understand their specific financial picture. We started by building her Financial Foundation – identifying all of their assets, liabilities, income sources, and expenses.

We then identified their financial goals and created a customized personal financial plan and implemented it. After 2 years of working with Pearson Financial, Maria is confident and has made wise financial