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Who We Serve - Our Financial Planning Clients

Pearson Financial Planning seeks to be the resource that all women can work with in order to be financially successful.  However, there are several areas in which we specialize.

Divorce papers lying on a desk with two wedding bands and a gavel.


Women going through a divorce need to know before the Divorcee Degree is signed, what their financial options are, what will life look like after the divorce and how to plan for the future.  

Pearson Financial Planning will work with the client and their attorney to get the best-possible financial outcome.  Divorce is never a win-win situation, but understanding the assets, liabilities, income and expenses help a client make a better informed decision.


The loss of a spouse or partner is one of the most painful experiences an individual can go through.  It is hard to image life without them.  Women need to know who they can turn to and trust in making financial decisions during a time that they really don't want to focus on those issues.  Decisions regarding where is future income coming from, how to retitle assets, what to do with Social Security are just a few issues the Pearson Financial Planning can assist a client with, when they are ready.

An elderly widowed woman sitting on her couch.

LGBTQ+ Pittsburgh Pride Parade

LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ community and same-sex couples have some unique financial planning issues including;  employee benefits, whether to marry or not, child custody laws and estate planning to name a few.  Pearson Financial Planning helps the client identify those issues and work with the appropriate parties to make sure they are handled properly.

New To The Workforce/Job Changers

Pearson Financial Planning's clients include women entering the workforce, changing careers or jobs that need help understanding their financial choices such as their salary, employee benefits, income taxes and expenses.  We can help them develop or revise a savings plan or budget to achieve their goals both short-term and long-term.

Three women discussing financial planning on one laptop.

An elderly couple sitting down with a financial planner.

Pre-retirees and Retirees

We also work with women who have worked hard their whole lives and are getting ready to start the next phase of their lives.  We help them understand their choices of Social Security, Retirement Plan options including Required Minimum Distributions, Long Term Care insurance, and Health insurance.

This list covers a only a few of the areas Pearson Financial Planning serves.  Contact Us today to determine if we're the right fit for you.


Pearson Financial Planning has chosen to be a fee-only organization and work under the fiduciary standard.  The fiduciary standard requires an advisor to put a client's interest first, therefore avoiding conflicts of interest.  We believe that this is the most transparent and objective method available to service clients.